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Affordable Metro Competitiveness Doc1

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Atlanta Experienced The Greatest Rent Growth Among Major Metros (according to Atlanta Regional Commission)

Metro Atlanta's cost of living is now slightly above the national average. This includes higher housing costs than some of our peer metro areas and the greatest rent growth among major metros.

We Have Lost Our Competitiveness As An Affordable Metro

Effects of Inflation on Metropolitan Atlanta

Affordable Metro Competitiveness Doc2

WIOA map

WIOA chart

Fulton County Workforce Plan Evaluation


* The plan shows that from 2020 - 2023, Adult Median Earnings, DW 

   Median Earnings and Youth Median Earnings ranged from

   $2,500 - $7,300 year over year.


* These totals fall well below the U.S. poverty line and the income 

   levels that International Neighbors is willing and able to offer.

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